Children’s Parties 2

We are pleased to offer the opportunity for you to hold children’s parties at weekends.  We operate two sessions, 9.30 am-1.30 pm and 2.00 – 6.00 pm.
Have a look at the calendar for availability and either telephone  07541 889866 or contact us.
There are plenty of tables and chairs for your use.  If you are planning a craft activity please do not use glitter as it gets in the upholstery and floor.  No Fireworks please.
The kitchen is equipped with a 5-hob cooker, an instant hot water boiler, a refrigerator and a combination microwave. There are plastic jugs and plenty of crockery.
If you want to have a disco there is a stage for the DJ.
Unfortunately we cannot allow large bouncy castles in the hall as the ceiling is just 10 ft.  However, small toddler-sized ones, maximum 8 ft high, are OK.  Please check with us if unsure.
Finally, we cannot accept bookings for parties for young people aged 12-21 years of age inclusive or evening bookings for children of any age.